What the fuck! Yay! They saw my work and liked me just for me and who I am. Yaaaaaay!
Every day I work and think “nobody thought me any of this! Fuck school. Fuck shitty dads. This was all me. Everything everyone limited me from and told me was dumb makes me more money than them. Yaaaaaaay!

I get to be creative AND they tell me why to do. It’s all I ever wanted. And 3 days a week is sick 👌. Im still too punk for a real work week

My boss is great. Very open to change and very creative and really strives for a good work atmosphere. His decisions are born from love and what makes money. Wish I could say the same about Stuart from HR

They do push me to be my best but so do I because I love and respect the company a lot. Wish I needed less a amends. I wanna knock it out the park every time. But there always tweaks. Par for the course I guess. I just wanna make them so money and give ROI. I am valued and I wanna add value.

I am not a human being with free will I am a series of set responses watching my life develop
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