Okay, this was one of the coolest things ever. So I made a dumb pitch to an arts funding body to fund my dumb research video "Lets have sex - with children" about getting parents to ask the kids where babies come from. Needless to say it was rejected. But they did think it was funny. 
Months later Geoff Walton (Senior Lecturer in Information and Communications at Manchester Metropolitan University) contacted me looking for an "edgy video to divide audience" MAN FOUND ME NEICH! 
The video was to establish his INFORMATION DISCERNMENT FRAMEWORK, a theory on how people filter new information into true or false. I pitched it as a Flat Earther talking to a "globehead". I spent weeks watching flat earth proof videos. I don't even know what. I believe anymore.
Producer - Geoff Walton
Douglas - Davian Dent
Big image file here
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